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ur-style INTERNATIONAL: Stockholm 1st day … all on and off waity and on and off royal…or not

In ur style INTERNATIONAL on 3. März 2011 at 21:55

Hi everybody!

Due to the fact that I am still waiting for my plane to Stockholm, I wanted to show you something I found at a shop for Paperback Books (Pocket Shop) at Berlin Tegel.
This beautiful (and absolutely swedish ; )) notebook …
(„Anteckningsbok“ – „Rendez vous“)

….was designed by Carl Johan De Geer, surely one of the most polarizing artists in Sweden.

But from „progressive“ to „conservative“ … and back …

… and everything mixed up …

„Välkommen“ from King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia

…thinking of the Royals and waiting for my boys to collect me from Stockholm airport…

…luckily I got one of the new nail polishes from butter LONDON „No more waity, Katie“ (limited edition…there are only 200 available in Germany…yeah ; ))…just suitable in my more or less „still waity“-situation. ; ) For those who don`t know …this is the laquer, which was created by Nonie Creme only for the upcoming wedding from Prince William and Kate Middleton.

…now I am FINALLY arrived in Stockholm City having a marvellous view at the Royal Palace.
But more of sightsseingand shopping tomorow…

Hej då och god natt!

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