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ur style EXKLUSIV: GO GO GO… SHOPPING: Schwesternliebe

In Events on 18. November 2010 at 08:08

Die Weihnachtszeit naht und vielleicht habt ihr euch schon das ein oder andere Geschenk für eure Lieben überlegt. Falls ihr noch recht ratlos seid, habe ich hier ein paar tolle Shopping Tipps für euch…


in der Kramgasse 1
in Regensburg
oder online

Stephanie und Dominika Sabatier, die Gründerinnen des Labels Schwesternliebe.

Der schnuggelige Laden in der Kramgasse lädt zum Stöbern ein…
…hier gibt es Postkarten, in bunte Stoffen eingebundene Notizbücher…

…es gibt von tollen handgenähten Klamotten, witzigen Shirts bis Accessoires wie Mützen, Pulswärmern und Taschen alles was das Herz begehrt…und für Selbernäher und Bastler gibts auch tolle Stoffe zu kaufen.

… und auch die beiden Schwestern können sich mit ihren handgefertigten Outfits sehen lassen.

ur style INTERNATIONAL… helsinki styles… 3rd day: all into finnish style

In ur style INTERNATIONAL on 9. August 2010 at 15:20

Unfortunately the Internet connection on Saturday and Sunday wasn’t very good. So here is my update for the last two days…

On Saturday, I went to UFF second hand store. I think it’s the biggest and best organised one I ever was!

The finnish are really into individual style, combined with vintage and second hand or hand-made clothes….
So look at this young lady…

At the moment Riika (20) is working at a food boutique and still thinking over what to study. But it is obviously that it has to be something with fashion…her skirt is made by herself.

I asked her what is the really extraordinary thing about finnish style…?
She answered me that she thinks it has to be the creativity, the creating something new and fashionable for example out of second hand or vintage stuff. She also told me that lots of finnish guys know to make their own clothing. Perhaps that is the reason why they have so many finnish designers that make that really kewl finnish designer stuff…

So I wanted to see more of the fashion culture in Finland and I went to vistit Vintage Babushka (the vintage shop I Amalia works at.).

It is really cute…

…and I got mysellf this beautiful vintage dress.

All happy (3 bags full of vintage clothing ; )) and a little bit tired I went eating at Lappi Ravintola (a must if you are in Helsinki!).

(picture: Lappi Ravintola)

(picture: Lappi Ravintola)

It was soo good, though I am a little bit sorry for the cute elks and reindeers…
…but they were yummy ; )
As a dessert I ate some finnish cheese with cloudberry sauce. Sounds strange… but it’s really good.

So you see finnish style is definitely a so called „must have“! Ok, you dont have to be fond of the cheese thing or the reindeer steak ; )…but lets think more about doing stye ourselves. That is what counts if it comes to style itself. Doing what you like and feeling good with it or in it. ; )
My opinion…Finland is definitely one of the most interesting countries in Europe, and it is going to have a deep impact on the international style community…

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