ur-style INTERNATIONAL: Stockholm 4th day …city shopping

In ur style INTERNATIONAL on 9. März 2011 at 18:01


to show you some of Stockholms shopping highlights I went straight into the shopping-heart of Stockholm…

…Drottninggatan, the biggest shopping street in Stockholm. Here you can find lots of H&M Stores ; ) but of course there are as well other shops than H&M there. It is like a blend of different labels and little boutiques but with more lables in it ; )…

You can also visit the shopping malls or warehouses around the city (Nordiska Kompaniet at Hamngatan- LABELS! ; PUB, Paul U. Bergström at Hötorget- YOUNG and STYLISH LABLES, mostly SWEDISH DESIGNERS and some little shop in shop boutiques, cool architecture; Galerian at Brunkebergstorg, EVENT SHOPPING, little boutiques AND TOPSHOP)

PUB a very well sorted warehouse where you cand find young and trendy stuff…


Swedish Designers…

Bags from Tärnsjö…

Classical swedish raincoat from Stutterheim

Shop in shop of Aplace
…a wonderful shop concept where you can buy skandinavian designers, such as MADS NORGAARD, RODEBJER, STUTTERHEIM



Smiley Vintage shop in shop…






Knitting is trendy…


…wool and yarns from colinette at PUB

At Galerian , one of the cool shoppingmalls in Stopckholm, directly near the Kulturhuset in Stockholm…

…there is a TOPSHOP store.


so swwwweeeet…

Fashion victims of the world, unite! ; O )

so cozyyy…


  1. Saugeil Pia! Ich hoffe, du hast das Shirt gekauft 🙂
    Ich bin neidisch!!

  2. Ich weiß zwar jetzt nicht, wo mein Kommentar hin ist, aber egal:

    Das beste Accessoire überhaupt! Das sind Kopfhörer ein Scheiss dagegen ^^

  3. Ok, jetzt seh ich meinen 1. Kommentar wieder… Wie auch immer.

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