ur-style INTERNATIONAL: Stockholm 2nd day …sightseeing and swedish savoir vivre ; )

In ur style INTERNATIONAL on 5. März 2011 at 12:29

so here are some impressions from my sightseeing tour through Stockholm…

The Royal Palace


The National Museum

After my sightseeing trip I wanted to ge myself some „refreshment“ ; ) …

…here in Klarabergsgatan at Kaffe Repet

you get the best „kaffebröd“ (try „kanelbullar“…the famous swedish cinnamon rolls!!!) in Stockholm…
but there is more than cinnamon rolls…
look at that…

Having regained old strength after my little refreshment (and propably having gotten some more own „cinnamon rolls“ ; )) I went for a walk around the old city of Stockholm „Gamla Stan“…

…I found this kewl shop „Nautiska Magasinet“ at Slussplan for nautical clothing and kewl home accessory in nautical style…

they also have a online sho check this out ; )

The sunset at the Evert-Taubes-Terass (click for 360 view) at Riddarsholmen was absolutely beautiful…

So I went back to the hotel for „middag“ thats how they call dinner here in Sweden, but I saw someting MUCH better…
Monks Porter House, which is the restaurant belonging to an old Porter (Stout Beer) brewery …

and they serve good old swedish plain fare (like game meatballs on mashed potatoes with red currant jelly)

and of course they serve it along with swedish beer (try the „Carl Philipp“-Beer!). Bur not enough they serve beers from all around the world … also from Augsburg (my bavarian heart made a big jump) !

After this marvelous „middag“ (and the swedish beer) I slept like a swedish princess ; ) at my hotel (which like I told you in my last article has a perfect view on the royal palace)…

Swedish flag at the Royal Palace
…and I will need all my powers for tomorrows SHOPPPPING TOUR!!!!
God natt and kram!

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