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In ur style INTERNATIONAL on 5. August 2010 at 21:09

Greetings from Helsinki, Finnland!

After a turbulent flight, I landed (thank god in one piece…) at Helsinki airport. After a really good and also affordable fish platter (that I had to fight about with some seagulls…) at the beautiful market place (Kauppatori), I visited the old market hall (Wanha Kauppahalli)…

…and look who I found…

Amalia works at a Vintage Shop in Helsinki, where her beautiful outfit ist from, it is called Vintage Babushka that is located @ Isoroobertinkatu 42.

So I asked her as a local vintage connaisseur for some shopping tips…
…and she told me the names and adresses of the three best vintage stores in Helsinki. (of course Vintage Babushka @ Isoroobertinkatu 42; Hold your horses @Albertinkatu; Ansa @Flemingkatu).

She and her friends also gave me a really kewl city guide that is called 24 hours in Helsinki a real „Nordic Oddity“ ; ). So I am well prepared for power-shopping tomorrow and taking some pictures of the stylish girls n guys of Helsinki…

She also told me that she is going to move to Kopenhagen to study, what ist also a good choice for a fashionista… ; )
So I say thx for the good tipps and good luck in Kopenhagen! Perhaps I go there too one day and we meet again. I heard there were good vintage shops too…

CU all tomorrow…

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